Press Release

My Press Release

My interview with Oprah at my house in untitled

West Vancouver on July 1st, 2020 at 11:30 A.M.

It wasn’t easy when Oprah had asked for the interview, with me & my husband she had asked us to fly to Chicago, but we wanted her to come to our home in West Vancouver. It was very tough to convince her, because she is the one who wanted the interview from us. We have house in Hawaii on the Island of Kauai. She had some reporters asking her what ,who are you interviewing, what is going on?

I now know some people who have done very well & helping others.

Well Kim & husband Ken Varma would you please tell us your story how you did what you’re doing?

I had a lot struggles in my life, I had failed few times in life. I worked for a Bank for 25 years and one day the Banks announced that it was merging so many people would be laid off/retired  – I was one of them.  I tried a lot of other things which really didn’t help me, I kept on failing one after the other. 

Then I got sick for few years . So many people had helped me different ways, when I was really down through my sickness. I thought it was about a time to pay back to the people, because a lot of people had helped me when I needed it.

In 2014, I took a course called Master Keys Master Mind Alliances on a pay it forward scholarships, and this program helped  me recognize and focus on my dreams that I had…I couldn’t have done it myself. I thought the God had answered all my prayers…

Oprah looked so astounded!

Just to let you know that my husband really couldn’t believe I can do all the thing I wanted to do, because in his eyes I have failed so many times. He always had an objection towards to whatever I wanted to do. When he saw me with my new habits & the new change in me, he started to believe in me. Then he really knew I meant what said I have done it & proved it to him! Because I had made quite a few changes in my life to achieve this.

Oprah I know how you feel……

Since you have every thing in life that you dreamed of, how does it feel? Like “OG MANDINO” says, “Today I begin my new life. Today I shed my old skin which hath, too long, suffered the bruises of the mediocrity. Today my old skin has become as dust. I walk tall among men and they know me not, for today I am new woman, with a new life.”   I have my dream home, a vacation home in Kauai on the beach, have my import/export business which is doing very well. Now I am focused on helping other people who really need it. I focus on bring a basic human necessity to people in need – fresh water. I work with laborers to bring wells & water pumps to the small villages & towns in India, and started helping the less fortunate in 2017


I built a school in Uganda in July 2019  and it is so nice to see children in school learning. It was my burning desire to improve the conditions for these children and to be learning and growing as people..

Oprah “so what is the next thing you would like to do?”

Well, I am a firm believer in the give more get more…give more love, receive more love. So, this is what we going keep on doing – help wherever we can. 

Aside from that, I will be taking my family (children and grandchildren) on a long overdue family vacation! We may take a trip down to our place in Kauai and it would be our pleasure if you came and stayed with us. 

Thank you very much!!!


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