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This week was a silence, NO T.V., NO INTERNET, NO PHONE. At first it seems as though it was impossible to do. First day I tried for 4 hours, went to the park….walked for an hour, then read for one hour and then I sat down to concentrate for a while, I started to feel a chill even though I had my warm jacket. After a while started to sneeze one after the other….out of my mouth comes excuse me, still, I try to stay quite and started to walk towards the car….I wasn’t thinking and started to open the car next to me. But his alarm went off and the person next to me who just came out, opened his car to see what had happened. Here I go again and said sorry, I thought it was my car, his wife laughed but he didn’t now what to say.

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My second try this Wednesday I spent 6 hours in the basement my self, while every body was out of the house, I left them note….I am doing my exercise for this week, NO TV, NO INTERNET, NO PHONE, 10:30 till 4:30 P.M., no books or anything else. It felt so different just sitting there, it took a while before my mind could concentrate, being connected to the other side I felt so Scared, felt the FEAR, thinking are you still alive or not seeing what you see for a while, then again my mind started to wonder off for a bit. Amazing to see what a little concentration can do for you, sitting there and asking yourself the question and waiting for God to give you the answer; felt like you were living in a different World. Whenever I have time I sure will sit another a day or more to get to the other side……. Until next time….

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I am whole perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!”

I always keep my promise.”



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