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What do you call a miracle in your life? About 16 years ago & another one at 6 years I had quite few struggles in my life, people didn’t want to talk to me for their own reasons. I learned to cope with, at the time my kid were in there teens…..we had our in-laws living with us, I went to work full time, made sure all the house work was done, because my in-laws were 80-90 years of age just came from India, & took care of the kids, made sure they participating in the sports after school. Send them to music lessons and dancing school on the Sundays, where I used to do volunteer work while they danced.

Years went by, we built our new home with seven bedrooms, six washrooms, living room, dining room, family room, theater room, big back and front yard. Few months later my father-in-law passed away at the age of 94, most of the people come to pay their condolences, and some never made the effort…I was really hurt. Two years to the date my mother-in-law passed on too, again some people came to pay their condolences, then I started to think am I really unworthy of all this, my family doesn’t care. After few years all my kids got married and had their own families.

In 2009 I was very sick and ended up in the Hospital for a while. No one had any clue what was going with me – the Dr.’s did many test after test and couldn’t seem to find the problem. A few weeks had gone by, then they sent me to different Hospital…. more specialist came in and did some other tests, while I was in so much pain. I couldn’t describe how bad I was feeling, the Dr.’s were giving high dose of pain killers every two-three hours. I was crying, wondering what was going to happen to me. In the meantime the family and friends would tell me to pray and listen to the prayers on the CD player.

A few more weeks went by and still no clue, some of my sibling started to show up in the hospital to see me, whom I had not seen for at least 11 years and my mother, it felt weird …what to say, what not say, it felt good that they had finely made the move. After few more test the Dr.’s found out that I had lucrative colitis,they told my husband that the surgery won’t be till tomorrow sometime. I told my husband to go home with my uncle, while my aunt stayed with me….after 20 minutes one of the nurses came to tell him to sign the papers as they needed to do the surgery right away. We were all so scared and afraid of what was going on. I was told that my hubby is going to sign the papers and that they should phone him. I couldn’t think of anything, asked my aunt to call my husband in the meantime and tell him to come back right away.

In the meantime, the nurses prepared me for the surgery, as soon as my hubby come and sign the paper they took me in minutes. After few hours when they came out the Dr. told my husband that if we had waited her intestine would have erupted, and we would have lost her. When I woke up it felt like I just got back from the heaven, the reason I say that is, because I remember seeing my sons taking my coffin in to the cold storage far, far away, through large tunnel and seeing everybody in white in the clouds, saw my DAD…who has passed way the year before; just couldn’t believe I was alive looking, where I was.

My kids were on holiday, they had no idea how sick I was, when they heard I was going to have surgery, they didn’t waste anytime or worry about losing money on the ticket which they had for few day later, instead got a new ticket for the whole family, and sister-in-law and her husband caught the first flight from L.A, at night got there at mid night came to see me, I remember little bits and pieces.

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I can’t believe that my pain was so bad again, which early in the morning, kept most of the patients up that night, they had given me some more high dose injections, I called everybody in the morning…. thinking I was dying, also I was seeing something else that morning…my whole world is dark, in that vision I saw a clay pot spinning over my house, don’t know what to make of it, when I talked to my daughter-in-law, she had the same dream….when she got up look around the whole house was dark, she got so scared didn’t know what to do, started to pray. After that I was always so afraid of a lot things, especially snakes.


After few week I had a Stroke, it has affected my right side, Hand, leg, face & speech problem. Was in the hospital for few months again, then the rehab center, for the treatments, physiotherapy, speech, working on my hand reading & writing. Finely home that meant a lot of exercises, speech therapy, working on the cross words puzzles. It took few years to get back, learning to read, write again, learn to drive again, started to play games on the internet for hour, started to do the house hold work. I am so glad that I never gave up on my hope on my life. I guess that is why I feel I so lucky that God has given me a second chance in life, all I can say that miracles do happen in life & I am fortunate to have that………….


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I am whole perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious & happy.”

I always keep my promise



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